What is Wanderpak?

Wanderpak is a box of ten or more items that will minimize the stress of traveling and prepare you for the road ahead. We’ve done the research and will provide you with a  Wanderpak full of customized essentials that will ensure you have the best tools for your adventure – customized to your region and methods of traveling.

How does it work?

Just tell us where you are going and your style of travel, and we’ll present you with a Wanderpak customized to your trip. Ready to go? Click here to start.

How does Wanderpak help me with my travels?


Do you remember the last trip you took? Of course you do, because it was fantastic. What about the week leading up to your trip? You are usually busy running around trying to cross off items on your to-do list (and quite possibly on the verge of a meltdown).

When it comes time to get ready for your trip, you should be able to pack your bags and go. Instead, you spend hours going from store to store, checking off all of the items on your packing list and spending way too much money in the process.

With Wandepak, this problem is about to become a thing of the past. Time spent traveling ought to be a fun experience, and that the time we spend packing should be as stress-free as possible and it’s usually too late when you realize you’ve forgotten an essential. Instead of trying to do everything on the fly, let us take care of the details. All you need to do is hop on your plane, train, bus or car, and imagine all of the adventures you can have once you reach your destination.


We understand how expensive traveling can be. Costs of flights, hotels and car rentals add up quickly, so we made sure that the cost of your travel accessories doesn’t make a large dent in your wallet. Wanderpak provides you with 10+ essential travel items that you need for about half the price you can get anywhere else.

Is Wanderpak a subscription box?

No, Wanderpak is not a subscription box. It is a one-time purchase designed specifically for your trip, or as a gift for your traveling friends and family.


What items can I expect to get?

From South America, to Indonesia, to Europe, we’ll make sure that you are never caught off guard. If you are hopping from one country to another, we’ll throw in a universal adaptor so that you can charge up your phone, laptop, or tablet everywhere you go. If you’re going to a rainy country,  we’ll provide you with a compact yet efficient biodegradable poncho. If your travels take you to a destination along the beach, no worries — we’ll make sure you get a waterproof phone case so that you can take some photos while you swim. These are just a few examples of our awesome items, click here to check out the rest.

What are the mini travel guides?

Each Wanderpak will also include a mini travel guide for each country that you are visiting. Useful information, such as local phrases, must-try dishes and tips will help you navigate your new adventure! Just enter the countries you will visit during the checkout process, and we will include them in your box, free of charge.

What if the Wanderpak shown is not what I am looking for?

No problem! Feel free to build your own box with the items that are relevant for your trip!


Do you offer international shipping?

At this time we do not offer international shipping, and can only ship within the US. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch for updates on international shipping!

How can I track my order?

As soon as your order is shipped you will receive an email with your Wanderpak’s tracking number and order information.


What are Wanderpak gift cards?

Wanderpaks make a great gift for your traveling friends and family! Just enter the amount you would like to gift your loved ones, and they will get an email allowing them to redeem your gift. Click here to purchase one.


Do you accept returns?

All sales are final, and at this moment we are unable to accept returns. We will do everything we can to ensure you are happy with your Wanderpak, however if you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us at

What if I receive damaged or am missing items?

If you received a damaged product or are missing a product, please contact us at so that we can assist you in making sure you receive a replacement.


Does Wanderpak give back to any organizations?

Our team understands that todays global economy has an impact on our planet’s natural environment. That is why Wanderpak strives on working towards creating a more sustainable future through positive business practices. With every Wanderpak purchased we donate 2% of all sales to non-profit organizations dedicated to environmental causes. Our planet is an incredible place that brings together diverse cultures and indispensable ecosystems. Through Wanderpak’s mission, we aim on working towards preserving this beautiful planet.


How do I get my products into Wanderpak?

If you manufacture or sell travel products that would be great for Wanderpak, especially country and region-specific products, please contact us at to get in touch with us.

How do I suggest ideas for items to be featured in Wanderpak?

If through your travels, you have come across an item that you see would be a great addition to one of our Wanderpaks, please let us know by emailing

Anything we didn’t cover? Just send us an email at and we will be happy to answer your questions!