Wanderpak is a company founded by four siblings who share a passion for travel. They love everything about travel – except for everything that comes before. Running around from store to store to buy overly priced travel essentials before a trip is the reason they decided to create Wanderpak.

Wanderpak curates a box filled with essential travel items for your next adventure. Whether it’s backpacking or a relaxing vacation, we have worked to provide you with the accessories you need delivered right to your door.

Giving Back

Our team understands that todays global economy has an impact on our planet’s natural environment. That is why Wanderpak strives to create a more sustainable future through positive business practices.

With every Wanderpak purchased, we donate 2% of all sales to non-profit organizations dedicated to environmental causes. Our planet is an incredible place that brings together diverse cultures and indispensable ecosystems. Through Wanderpak’s mission, we aim on working towards preserving this beautiful planet.